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Brand new in the shop is this printable Grab & Go Emergency Binder!  This is a must have for everyone if you want to be prepared.  The pages are EDITABLE so you can add your information before printing.  Comes in color and black and white.  See more details in the shop here and be sure to check out my blog post about how and why you should be creating a Grab & Go Binder here.

AVAILABLE NOW! This is the full General Conference Report for April 2020 in wide-margin format.  Full color front and back covers, a Table of Contents, as well as dividers for the different sessions.  

This also matches the General Conference Journal and Faith Stickers available in the shop!

Book of Mormon coloring book
Book of Mormon Study Companion Bundle
Book of Mormon Study Companion kids

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Emergency Preparedness Binder

Emergency Preparedness: How to Get Started on a Grab and Go Binder

A Grab and Go Binder is one of the most important things you can do to elevate your emergency preparedness so that you're ready if you need to evacuate your home. A lot of people know they should do this, but have no idea how to get started. Here is my list of what you need and how to get going.
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When Your Prayers Don't Get Answered

When Your Prayers Don't Get Answered

We can pray anytime, anywhere, and for anything. And hopefully you've had the faith building experience of receiving the answers you were looking for. But also if you're like me, you've had those times when it feels like no one is listening. What do you do then?
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Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Knowing how to help kids study the Book of Mormon and get the most out of the Come Follow Me lessons can be difficult and stressful. Use these fun workbooks to help kids learn how to study the scriptures, ponder on the lessons, and get the most out of their study time with minimal work for you!
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The Virtue of the Word of God Come Follow Me lesson helps

Alma 30-31 The Virtue of the Word of God

The most important thing that has happened to me through these experiences is the undeniable testimony that has grown in me that there IS a God.  I knew it before, but each new creation that I have had the privilege of witnessing has strengthened that burning testimony in me. How can anyone see these beautiful, miraculous things and not believe that they were created by a God that loves us?
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And They Never Did Fall Away Lesson Helps

Alma 23-29 They Never Did Fall Away

The lessons we learn from the Anti-Nephi-Lehies are so numerous that it seems like each time I read about them, a new thought comes to mind.  But truly, the greatest thought I ever have as I read this story is that I hope one day people can say, when speaking about me, is that I "never did fall away".
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Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

Alma 17-22 I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

Ammon went to the Lamanites, not to simply convert them, but he felt genuine distress in his heart for their souls, and wanted to offer them a chance for eternal life.  This is so much more than just "spreading the gospel", it is true and sincere love for God's children.
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