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5 Great Ideas to Help You Scrapbook Your Pet

Pets are funny things, aren't they?  Every once in awhile I stop and contemplate the fact that we humans invite these animals to live in our house.  We feed them, play with them, worry about them, and take them to the doctor when we have to, and of course we love them. Doesn't it make sense that you should also scrapbook your pet?

The life of pets is short...

I am a cat person.  I have sort of a love/hate relationship with them because they do naughty things and it drives me crazy.  But yet I also love them because they are my little buddies. Especially this one in the picture.  She has spent the last 14 years following me everywhere, getting into trouble, and then perfecting her innocent look.

Yesterday we had to put her to sleep.  She was getting pretty old and had diabetes. Plus she couldn't stand or walk anymore, and she wasn't eating or drinking.  It was a pretty awful week as we watched her go downhill fast.

It sucked.

scrapbook your pets

This is my sweet kitty that's gone now. I will miss her! I'm really glad I have a lot of photos of her.

I gotta be honest, I've never done that before and it was awful.  It's the price we pay to have animals in our lives that we love, but it doesn't make it easier.

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A great reason why I scrapbook

The funny thing is, this was another one of those gentle reminders of why I value scrapbooking so much.  I've made a lot of pages of my cats and all the funny things they do, and now I'm so glad that I have because I want to remember them. If you're looking for ways to scrapbook your pet, here are some ideas for you:

Take pictures of their naughty behavior

I know, at the time they are actually doing it, it might not seem that funny.  But someday you'll be laughing about it.  Like the time I was making meatloaf and I turned my back for one minute and the cat jumped up on the counter and helped herself.  I pride myself on keeping the counter clean and the cats OFF of them, but this was a definite fail.  

I had this following page in mind for a long time because I knew I wanted to document her naughty behavior.  It's a fun thing to scrapbook your pet doing things they absolutely know they shouldn't be doing!


Scrapbook your pets and their naughty behaviorIn honor of my sweet kitty that's gone, here is my most recent page that I did of her and some of her naughty behavior.

Snap pictures of their thinking faces

You know what face I'm talking about.  Scrapbook your pet pulling these faces!  It's fun because you can assign them human thoughts.  I even went so far as to assign a human voice to my cats in my own head based on their personality.  What?  Is that weird?

Be sure to capture their personality

Animals seriously are just like people in that every one of them has a distinct personality and it's important to capture that in pictures and WRITE ABOUT IT.  What do they love?  What do they hate?  How do they respond to situations or certain people?  Be sure to scrapbook your pet's personality and the journaling you do on these pages is especially important!

Keep taking pictures as they get older

It's just like pictures of our kids...the older they get, the less often you get the camera out.  Be sure to scrapbook your pet the day you bring them home, but don't forget about taking pictures as they get older too.  Be sure you include them with family members to show how time has gone by for everyone.

Scrapbook photos of your pets paws and faces

This was the first page I ever did of her when she was brand new!  The brown frame on the left was created using my Cricut, and I will be doing a tutorial post soon that includes how to make that frame. It's easier than you think!

Get close-ups of their paws and faces

Some of my favorite pictures of my cats are taken really close up so you can see their fur or whiskers.  While you're at it, get some pictures of them from different angles, including the back or sideways as they are looking out a window. 


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Scrapbook Your Pets

I hope these few pages inspire you to scrapbook your pets!  There are so many fun supplies out there for pet pages, too, so it's especially fun to go shopping for them!

Happy Scrapping!

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