Primary Activities Journals

Primary Activities Journals--A Craft All The Girls Will Love

If you're a Primary Activities leader, this post is for you. I recently posted a tutorial for the Easiest DIY Journal you'd ever make.  If you haven't had a chance to look it over, please do! And if you haven't had a change to make a journal yet, you really should!

In that post I mentioned that I went looking for an easy method to make one so that we could use it for Primary Activities and the girls would be able to do them easily without a lot of help.  It was one of the BEST decisions ever. The girls loved them!

If you're a Primary Activities leader you're probably well aware of the chaos that ensues before you start the activity.  It's not quite as bad as what happens in Cub Scouts, but similar. You may have looked for a way to capture the girls' attention as soon as they arrive.  This, right here, is the answer you've been looking for.

First, make the journals

We used making the journals as an activity itself, but this was the activity that kept on giving.  I bought a couple of pads of scrapbook paper at Walmart and let them each choose the three coordinating pages they wanted to use.  I used my paper cutter to do the cutting, but after that, it was on them to make the books! You can get the detailed instructions here

I had three pages for the girls to glue into the front of the books:

  • Why it's important to keep a journal along with tips about how to make your journal special
  • About Me
  • My testimony
Primary Activities Journal pages

We encouraged the girls to fill out the About Me page at the activity, but told them they could go home and think about their testimony and write it when they were ready.  I'll link a download for these three pages at the end of this post, because I'm all about sharing. You'll have to trim them down so they fit in the composition book.

I made three different labels that I'll include with the download of the three sheets as well. I left them black and white so they can be colored to match the journals. You could print them on paper and just cut them out and glue them, or print them on my very favorite sticker paper. You could also mount them on colored cardstock or add ribbons or buttons to dress them up!

Second, bring the journals to Activity Days

Each time the girls came to Activity Days, they were to bring the journals with them.  They were free to write in them whenever they wanted, and we even encouraged it, but whether or not they did, we wanted them to bring them each time.  We also let them know we'd never read what they wrote, so they could write whatever they wanted.

Third, use journal prompts.

I printed up a journaling page each time they came for them to glue into their book.  I had markers, pens and colored pencils for them to color them and fill them out. Instead of sitting around waiting for the activity to begin, they could pull out their journals and start working on them as soon as they arrived.  It was a great beginning to each activity and the girls loved them!

The idea behind the pages was to teach the girls how to look for things to write about in their journals.  I'd seen journals used before and watched the girls flounder a little as they tried to figure out what to write about.  Learning how to keep a journal is an important skill and I really feel that sometimes it seems like a lost art.

This idea could be adapted to any group of kids!  You could use it for your own kids if you're homeschooling, for their scripture study, or just for a fun summer project!

If you'd like the three cover pages that I used for the girl's journals, you can download them here:

Primary Activities Journal Ideas
This is a quick view of the pages I printed for the girls to glue in their journals each week. I doodled borders and stuff on the pages so they could color them in addition to writing on them. The clipart I used all came from Melonheadz Illustrating.

Want the Journal Pages?

If you'd like some journaling prompts pages to get you started, I'd be happy to send those to your email! There are 10 of them, and I have to give credit for the super cute clipart I used to Melonheadz Illustrating  If you're in the market for some really cute clipart, I recommend you take a look at her site! It's adorable and she's got a lot of stuff that's free to use.

 You can grab those journaling pages here:

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    That's it! It's an activity that can be finished in an hour, something they were able to easily do, and they had a lot of fun doing them! I'd love to hear how your activity goes! Feel free to comment here or come find me on Facebook!


    Wendy Pike

    I’d love to make these journals with my group of activity girls… it looks like the links might not be working though. It says “You can get the detailed instructions here” but there is no link. And it also says “If you’d like the 3 cover pages…. you can download them here” and I also don’t see a link. Hopefully I can get those and then I’d love to email for the other journaling prompts. Thanks, in advance!

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