KIDS Come Follow Me Challenge Cards for the D&C (January)


These challenge cards are perfect to enhance your weekly Come Follow Me scripture study each week!  Each page gives you six different cards with six different activities you can do each week.  Break them up and use them however they work the best for you!

If you'd like a fun activity for your kids to go with these cards, you might want to make a fun journal out of composition book!  I have a great tutorial that you can find here!  It's easy, and a fun activity for kids to do to make their journal their own!

These challenge cards are a great addition to the Come Follow Me journals that already provide a two page lesson spread that goes with each lesson.  You can find those journals here.

Because there is no blog post to go with these challenge cards, there is a separate page with each PDF that has links for the activities.  Don't print them out, just reference it for the links when you need them!