About My Cut and Paste Creations

Hi, I'm Wendy!

My goal here at My Cut and Paste Creations is to provide you with fun ideas, printables, and helps that will enhance your journey of faith, both as an individual and within your callings, whether that be at church or within the walls of your own home.

I remember the days of my youth one of my favorite things was collecting the handouts with inspirational quotes or messages that my leaders at church would give me.  To this day, I still have them in a binder safely tucked away, but they still mean a lot to me. I think my love for those cute handouts is what led me here.

I hope to be able to provide you with LOTS of fun printables, workbooks, journals, stickers, or other things that can make your life a little more colorful and a little less stressful.

One of my main goals with the printables I create for children is that I think it's so important to provide them with the tools they need to really grow their testimony and think and learn from the scriptures, General Conference, Family Home Evening, or Primary.  Their faith and desire to learn is so pure, and the world they will be facing as they get older will be hard to navigate.  

The other main goal I have with the printables for children is to provide you, as a parent or teacher, with something that doesn't take loads of work or effort to implement.  Learning and teaching the gospel should be simple!

Wherever you are on your journey of faith, I hope you'll find what you're looking for here!