Frequently Asked Questions

How do you edit the files?

First of all, there are many printables that are NOT editable.  Be sure the files that you purchased state that they can be edited.  If they can, you will need a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here for free.  When you open the files in Adobe Reader, you will see boxes in the spaces that are available for you to edit.  Simply click in the boxes and start typing!   If it is a single line of text, it should automatically size the text to fit in the box. If it's a box that can be filled with multiple lines of text, it will wrap for you and the text will remain a single size.

For files that are NOT editable, I ask that you please don't alter them.

What do you recommend for printing in color?

I am a HUGE fan of Instant Ink!  Everything I print is in color because....well, color is just more fun!  

Instant Ink works like this:  First, you have to have a compatible HP Printer.  Once you do, Instant Ink is a subscription ink service, and you can pick from plans ranging from $2.99 a month and up, depending on how many pages a month you plan on printing.  HP monitors your ink levels, and when your ink is getting low, they will automatically send you a new ink cartridge.  No more getting right in the middle of a print job and having to run to the store!